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For some reason the width

For some reason the width of the table was messed up so that’s why the display was all funky. I fixed that now. I also had a little 30 minute class and learned about server side includes using PHP. Interesting stuff. I got my butt up at 10AM this morning and drove directly to work in Santa Barbara. Notice the horrendous spelling errors below. Yes, I know they are there and I would have edited but I don’t want to be some evil dick tator. It’s funny how Ed speaks of North Carolinians as if he is some kind of outsider. He is not.

I also don’t appreciate you talking shit about Britney, Edward. Like Ted said, she is such a great singer. Yes, I said singer.

I played some more Wreckless on X-Box this weekend with Ted and Ronald. Ronald got the hang of the game rather quickly. I was very surprised and impressed. That’s it for now. If you want to check out a weblog that is still in the making, look here.

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