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Let’s start off ladies, by

Let’s start off ladies, by explaining the beast known as Edward Park. Notice how everything he says is either an attack on myself or others. I think this can be best summarized by explaining it as a symbolic “coming out of the closet” for Mr. Park. I would of course represent the strong, passionate, heterosexual male and Edward attacks me, thus attacking his heterosexuality. What do we have left? Ed is gay. Look no further than the EP video for evidence!

Moving on. Today I had some steak with a red wine reduction. Let me tell you something. Red wine reduction tastes just like the wine it was made from except thicker and more concentrate. So I used this crap wine I got from my company’s Christmas party. Boy, that did not sit well with me. I still have a stomach ache some 6 hours later. The steak was good though 🙂

Taxes. My parents think I am ripping them off by not filing independently. So I asked them once and for all if they wanted me to file as such so I could get my financial aid (FAFSA) and state and federal income taxes in. So they couldn’t get their act together so they told me to go ahead and file independently since the deadline is less than a week away. So I did so and my federal and state taxes are on their way to the IRS for review. Did you know you get significantly more money as a independent than a dependent? Yes, much more! So after that was done I went to file my FAFSA. On step 3 they ask a series of questions like “Where you born before 1979”, “Are you pursuing a doctorate degree?” etc. I said no to all of them and they determined since I said no, I must be someone’s dependent. Are you kidding me? I just filed as an independent and now you are telling me what I am? What about my financial aid?!

Stupid FAFSA.

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