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Did Kid Rock really say

Did Kid Rock really say that? That is hillarious. Today I had two classes. It’s amazing how tired you can get from two classes. Go figure. I think of the UCSD CS department needed an explanation in economics, the man to ask would definitely be Ted Wang. Ever since he “unofficially” switched from CS, he finds the econ courses just so damend easy. A funny character, that Ted Wang. Everything just comes so naturally to him – pimpin, slappin dem hoes, modelling, making beautiful music.

John Q. Now that was a pretty good movie. Saw it this weekend. Did I mention that before? Sorry if I did.

Seems like I got outbid with the Segway Scooter. What is it at now? (Checking…) $100,000.00! Holy smokes. Some people just have too much money!

I haven’t updated my Things I Hate list in a long time. So I will just list updates here.
I hate it when people think they are so important they can shove aside previous obligations for other activities and expect those involved with the prior to wait hours on end for them to finish.
I hate the Department of Education for forcing me to file as a dependent.
I hate myself for not being able to figure out why people cannot connect to my FTP.

That’s it, I’m out!

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