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Well, I had a little

Well, I had a little chat with David today, and he informed me that he was not very pleased with my posts. Although I find them very entertaining, it’s just not up to par for David. And since is it his Blogger, I thought I should “try” to follow his system. So last night, my roommate and his friends went out to a couple of different bars (Senior Night = $5 all you can drink) and they asked if I wanted to join them. So I did. And being asian, I can’t hold my alcohol…but i managed to take in about five 20oz cups and I was pretty wasted. And i get back home at like 3ish knowing full well that I had to wake my ass up at 7 to catch the bus at 7:30. But I guess I must have left my computer on before i left. So i was like…..let’s see who’s online. So I go and check it out and the usual people are on. For West Coast students it’s only 12ish….so no biggie. But then, I noticed that one of my friends whose B-day was the day after (or the day that i came back to my apt) So while in my drunken stuppor i wrote her an email wishing her a Happy B-day. And about 5 minutes ago….she IMed me and thanked me. Lame story…but this is the most excitement that I have come across this semester….so don’t knock please. That’s my cheap thrill for the day. Hope this post is up to your standard David. I’m out…Peace in the Middle East!

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