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I don’t know what they

I don’t know what they are teaching Ed over there on the East Side but it probably includes English and Lying because he seems to be getting better at both. We are going to have new guest judges each week. Roxychick07 never said that Tara Reid was not in the running. That is a lie. In fact all she said was Ted’s choice was the winner.

I saw Black Hawk Down tonight. Man what a great movie. I think it would have been better if I got to see it with Ted but he thought it’d be cooler to see it with his UCSD friends. Speaking of SD, tonight is Winterfest. That means get drunk then go to the concert. I love SD.

Look what I just read in Maxim: “A sex store in Japan has created a robot dog vibrator. Like Son’y sAIBO and other robotic pets, the dog responds to verbal commands. But its elongated muzzle also vibrates and rotates. The store has a room in which men pay $32 an hour to watch women cavort with the dogs.

Take care.

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