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For you ladies out there,

For you ladies out there, Ted’s use of the word “moshing” equates to grabbin some booty. We will start the next competition sometime today or tomorrow hopefully. Here is an email I got this morning.

hi david =D

it’s about 4:17AM right now…i dont know why i’m still up…maybe because i had M&M’s…who knows. but anyways, i was updating myself with your weblong and came across this “competition” of which girl is hot…and in my opinion, i like Ed’s choice…yes i know, i can’t believe i’m going for Ed’s choice either…but the girl is cuter than the other two girls (i think). however, i think Ted’s choice has a sexier body. now, i’m not saying your choice doesn’t. tara does have a nice body too…but i’m not a big fan of tara…lol. i know, that doesn’t say much.

well, i should at least attempt to get some good nite sleep.

P.S. I think in the world of intelligent and sexy stars, you are a supernova.

g’nite david!

*Author’s name censored for her protection. I wouldn’t want the playa-hatas to figure out who it was!

I guess if we had two judges then it’d be a tie between Ed and Ted. That will never happen though because we all know we need odd numbers to prevent ties.

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