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So concludes another weekend for

So concludes another weekend for me in the bland state of NC. Saturday I was hurting from friday night and my head was pounding for a good part of the day. Saturday was very uneventful. But Sunday was quite the opposite. Woke up at 9 am and turned on the TV. There was this movie on, can’t remember the title, but it was very enjoyable. Then at noon, went over to this Japanese restaurant, Sakura, and had some teriyaki chicken plate. The dish itself is pretty ordinary, but their secret sauce is what attracts the customers. It’s this dressing that looks like ranch dressing, but has this salty but yet a sweet taste. Not Ranch though. But that dressing with the hot sauce they have, it’s magnific (little french for ya). Then went over to the golf course. First time this semester that I had the time to play golf…felt great…played like shit…but felt great. That pretty much took up the whole day. Now I am back here writting about my weekend for David and only David, because apparently SD is having some problems with their internet service. But to sum up my day, Ice Cube comes to mind as he raps, “Today was a good day”. I’m out…peace…in the middle east!

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