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This weekend was okay I

This weekend was okay I guess. On Saturday morning I woke up and waited for my friend Dan. He drove up from Ventura to SB. Then I drove to Santa Maria to my friend Fred’s house. There we had a huge lunch (tri tip, flan, salad etc). Then we spent the rest of the day playing Playstation 2, Game Cube, and X-Box. Boy, so much testosterone flowing that day. We left pretty early (around 6 ish) partly because everyone was tired and also Dan needed to get back to Ventura quickstyle to get back to his fiance. They had to go out to dinner I guess. When I came home that evening, my roommate was hungry so about 2 hours later we went to Silvergreens. It’s this healthy sandwhich/soup place. I had a loaded baked potatoe and half a blt with avacodo sandwhich.

Today I was an absolutely lazy bum. Besides making lunch (pasta), I really didn’t do anything. I was going to do laundry but a quick check proved the facilities full. I spent a good many hours helping a friend find a notebook. Always fun stuff sharing knowledge. Overall today was very uneventful. I think I will go to the market later and get some food, cash back, and nail polish remover. Before you get perverted thoughts, the polish remover is to get the thermal paste off my CPU. Take care and peace!

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