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HOLY CRAP! a 50 inch

HOLY CRAP! a 50 inch tv??? Britney will be lifesize! Anyway I can only post messages now when I’m at work since roadrunner is the shittiest internet provider ever. They apparently know there is a problem but dunno why. I can still see posts on davids page, but i cant post anything from home 🙁 Well my weekend ROCKED… literally. Fenix Tx on friday night then cypress hill and linkin park on saturday night. I was in the pit right up at the stage both nights. So sweaty, so hot, so beat up, and oh so fun. Did i mention there were HOT HOT HOT chicks at linkin park? Yes there were. How many? As far as the eye can see. Man i wished i went to SDSU. Ok time to do work. Rock on mofos.

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