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Yeah what is up with

Yeah what is up with that Edward? Seems pretty weak to me. If it were any weaker, I’d have to call out Ronald to take you down to Chinatown – which is in the ocean.

Today I sat in back of this super hot chick with really big eyes and long curled lashes. It was fun til the last 10 mins when I noticed one of those little fruit flies on her hair in the back of her head. After that I couldn’t stop staring at the bug. I thought it might be lice but her hair was shimmering clean, and it looked like a gnat rather than lice.

I set up my wireless network today and let me tell you, it’s so friggin’ fun. You just don’t realize how fun it is to be downstairs on your notebook and doing homework, surfing the net, streaming music. Good stuff. Slowly getting through my photography book as well. I think my tripod comes in today. It will definitely help since I am not really good at steadying my shots. My parents cut their taxes really close this year so I think I am *just* going to make the FAFSA deadline.

Lastly, I saw a picture of Katie Holmes today. OH MY GOD.

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