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Holy crap! I feel like

Holy crap! I feel like Rikishi just sat on my head! Went out last night and had a long island ice tea and a holy grail and this guy brought some vodka in a water bottle and spiced up the already spiced up drinks and those things put me on my ass. And I’m pretty sure that I was drunk when i woke up this morning. When I went to take a shower, I almost fell out of the shower. Good times. I’m pretty sure that there was this girl at this club that we went last night and she was wearing this zebra-tube top and me and this guy were just checking it out and I’ve got to this point where I just didn’t care and I was going to talk to her as soon as she passed us again. And so enough she walked by us…and I’m just standing there and she’s coming towards me and I say “Hi!” and she just walked passed by me without even looking. Ouch! Take it that the music was pretty loud, but still, that was rude. She probably wasn’t that hot anyways…the beer goggles…they tend to plays tricks on you. But that was my crappy night of drunken stuppor. Today, there’s this Beer Olympics that some band people are having. It should be fun, but i can’t drink because i am the DD. =(
But it should be fun regardless, but the forecast shows rain today…so I dunno how that’s going to work out. But I must now go eat…im very very very hungry. Peace in the middle east!

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