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Ok, so Ted wins another

Ok, so Ted wins another Chick battle. I am not sure why he’s winning 2 in a row. I think Ted is doing some extra favors on the side for the judges if you know what I mean. But congrats to Ted anyways. So yesterday I went to this party with the theme of “Beer Olympics”. It consisted of events such as the longest keg stand, the empty key toss competition, chug a beer and spin yourself 5 times and race to the finish, and the finale, let’s get 3 idiots to drink as many beers as possible in the span of 2 hours and make them run down a hill and make them jump to see who gets the most “hang time”. The last event was very painful to watch. Of course I was the DD so I did not get to drink but it wasn’t so bad. There were so many hot girls…but they were drunk so it was hard to have a decent conversation with them because they keep forgetting who I was, so it was really pointless. But now I must go and do my HW and study for my midterms. Peace!

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