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Well looks like we have

Well looks like we have the results of this week’s Chick Battle. I am posting what the judge, Mido, had to say:

“so…three pretty girls. i think all deserve to win. but as that cannot be the case, this is what i think. let’s start with ed’s. she’s pretty and all. it’s very simple and clean looking and i do think black & whites make pictures look better. but the look she has is a kinda “so what do you want to do” look. she just doesn’t know what she wants. i want to choose someone who knows what they want. plus…it looks professional. i think that’s against the rules. next is lara. now here’s a cute looking naughty-but-nice kinda girl. a “hey why don’t you come over here and join my adventure” look. i really like the outfit. very well detailed and she’s lara croft. but unfortunately not my pick. on to ted’s. i think she’s a winner. she’s got this nice but sneaky girl look. and i like the pose. a “i won’t tell if you won’t” kinda pose. she just has this natural but cute look to her that i really like. *sigh* i wish i could look cute in my natural state but unfortunately i can’t even do it when i’ve tried. so….there you go guys. this weeks winner is TED! congratulations. hehe. bye bye”

I must say I am utterly disappointed. I have updated the results on the left. Congrats Ted, GRRRR.

On to more news. Had some really good Japanese food with my sister tonight. Also saw 40 Days, 40 Nights. Very funny movie. Made me realize that nudity in movies so so passe nowadays. Remember a few years ago when it was a big deal to see even a little bit of skin? Now it’s almost a given and I think men and women are embracing it and not being so serious about it anymore. 40 Days, 40 Nights is a good movie, but maybe a better Blockbuster rental. Go see it if you can catch the matinee, not for the $8.50 I paid.

Now to figure out where to go for Spring Break, any suggestions?


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