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Damned ants are killing all

Damned ants are killing all the lizards. At first when I read Ted’s article I thought the ants were actually attacking and consuming the lizards. Then later I find out they just drove away the lizards’ main food source. I must say that story is weak sauce.

I had an auction where I sold something. The guy sent me a money order $30 less than the price. How can you possibly do that? I mean maybe if he forgot to include the shipping fee, that would be plausible, but $30 less? Some people.

Today I had my friend Janel IM me and send me a link to some site. She thought she was clever by masking the URL with some text like “” Wow so technically advanced. Anyways, I noticed the underlying link was a bit suspicious but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Clicking it, I unleased a barrage of pop up screens full of pornography. It also flashed “I am looking at gay porn!” all over. The best part is I was at work. Then she went on to have her fun with my other friends. Now chances are it was one of her friends who still are lame enough to use other people’s screennames. Regardless, if you have friends like that you deserve what’s coming to you – which is plenty.

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