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Yes! The story is weak

Yes! The story is weak sauce…it should be sent to Downtown…or the ocean…according to Ronald. And yes, Janel must pay!!!!!! That was not very nice. But then again…who am I to talk…cause i sent the same link to Ronald and Ted…but too bad the link did not work. They lucked out. But anyways…today was a very interesting day. I was planning to ditch my 9:30 class because I was very tired and I couldn’t wake up, but I forced myself to get up. But when i got to school….I was still sleepy. So i decide I want some hot java to get my motor running. Oh man! Let me tell you, it was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. So I’m walking down the path to the student store and I notice there’s this piece of paper on the floor…no biggie. But upon closer inspection…what do u know…it’s my good friend Franklin….Ben Franklin!!!!!! Holy shit…some rich snot nose punk kid brought a BILL to school and dropped it on my lap. So I pick it up and inspect it to make sure it’s real. Sure enough…it’s the real deal holyfield baby!!!!!! Hell yea!!!!!! Today I am $100 dollar richer thanks to my love for the java! I can’t believe that no one picked it up…it amazes me how people don’t look down while they walk. So the lesson for today is….always be aware of foreign objects on the floor. Pretty girls are going to be around…but you never know what’s going to be in the ground. There’s a little rhyme for ya! But I will be back later to post a pic for this week’s Hot Chick Contest! Peace out.

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