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What an interesting weekend. First

What an interesting weekend. First I went to the LA Open in SC Village. Man it was a blast, and I picked up a Viking there as well. You can see pictures here. It was really cool there. Lots of neat markers and people. And the girls, oh the girls. Okay, there were only say a dozen girls there (that I cared to look at), but they were so hot. Then I saw 40 Days and 40 Nights – again. Argh. It was cool seeing Edward since winter break. Ted dropped him off and as he was leaving it hit me that for all that waiting, I just got to hang out with him for some 5 hours or so Saturday night. What a bummer. I burned my tongue so now my food tastes horrible in my mouth and feels horrible going down my sore throat. I am still super sick and it sucks because this is dead week and I have oodles of homework to do.

The topic for this round of Chick Battle of the Week is – Girls in Extreme Sports. Most people would have to agree that the sport is extreme. Swimming, skiing, running are not extreme sports. Rollerblading, skeleton, and half-pipe snowboarding are. I am going to give you guys time to think of your submissions. I will post mine later.


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