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Well, it’s been 5 days

Well, it’s been 5 days since I arrived in CA. Good times with friends and family over the weekend, but the week has been a bit stagnant. My friends still have school and my family members are not home and I can’t drive. But nonetheless, I still prefer CA over NC anytime. But I did not sit at home the whole time…no sir. On monday…I saw Janel online and we went to go watch “It’s all about the Benjamins”, a very funny movie. Hot girls and plenty of action (gun play that is). Then we hit up a few bars. Monday nights are dead and there are too many old people. But a fun night. Also, during the day, I went to look for my “Phil” shirt, but was not so fortunate. Couldn’t find a Phil shirt, but I did find a Wayne shirt…woohoo!!!! Yesterday, I went to play golf with the Mark Keppel High School for free. I would have paid if i knew that the freshmen golfers sucked so much! It was horrible. It took 30 minutes to finish a par 3 hole (which is suppose to be the shortest hole in the course), so you can image how long it took on a par 5. I started play at 2 and I finished at 6….6!!!!!!!!!!! That’s 4 hours….that’s how long it’s suppose to take to play 18 holes. But my highlight of that round was that I drove a beauty down the center of the fairway and then I was left with 50 yards to the pin and I hit a beauty and took one hop and rolled right into the hole….my first eagle!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! Too bad that I could never get into the rhythm so it was not so memorable. And today…I will be going to SD to visit my friends Ted, Ryan, and Graig. I can’t wait to see the beach and TJ. Good times are a coming!!!!!!!

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