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Well a few of our

Well a few of our thousands of daily readers pointed out that the scoreboard changed without notification. Concerning the MILF competition, I won. Ted chose Eleanor as the judge and this is what she had to say

“Hey David, thanks so much for asking, or thanks Ted for asking me to judge your little battle for the week. If you told me that my commentary was needed after my decision, I wouldn’t have agreed to do it..haha..but hey, it was fun! So thanks for sharing with me! I didn’t know you guys had this little web log thing’s quite interesting! Anyhow, so here it goes:

Sorry for the very late response on why I chose who I chose. When I first saw the pictures of the three girls, it didn’t take me all that long to choose who I thought was prettiest or “hottest” as you may wish to call it. First of all, dude, who the heck is Jeri Ryan? I don’t quite want to get too technical about her facial features cuz that’d be just mean, hahah…but yeah…I don’t find her attractive at all. Sorry Tiddy! Heehee…I think it’s her eyes and her smile that can’t quite get past me. Anyhow, as for the remaining two, Heather Locklear and Nikki Taylor, I must admit that those two are quite attractive in their own ways. In the end, I chose Heather Locklear mainly because I think she’s just really pretty in general. I love her huge hazel eyes and just the overall natural beauty she possesses. Not to say that Nikki Taylor doesn’t have the same natural beauty, but when given a picture of mainly her physical body appearance rather than a close-up picture of what she really looks like since that’s what I’m basing my pick from, it’s quite hard to tell you what her great facial characteristics are. Get my drift? Hope you guys agree with my pick! Good job David for your first win in this Chick Battle of the Week!


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