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Today I went to pick

Today I went to pick something up at work then I went to the post office where I stood in line for a good 20 minutes or so. While I was there I was listening to an elderly couple in front of me talk to the elderly man in front of them. I guess the man is famous or at least knows famous people. He name dropped alot but they were all stars or celebrities from days long past and I didn’t recognize any of them. Apparently his wife is a silver/gold medalist Olympic figure skater. I have never heard of her. Maybe some of the more masculine sports fans out there like William Tran could tell us more about her. Anyways they skipped from topic to topic and the guy says “Say, did you hear Liza Minelli got married?” And the lady says “Yeah, I heard the guy is gay! Did you hear that!?” and the man says “Well, he’s a really good friend of ours. He’s not gay.” Then silence. Just silence. Then the lady says “Oh really? Well I heard he is just the nicest man!” Oh man it cracks me up when people make fools of themselves.

Ted told me he has a new email address. It’s How kickass is that? His other email address he doesn’t tell people is


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