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You gotta post what the

You gotta post what the whole war thing is about!!

Cut & Paste:

Update on the War On Finals:

The battle is going our way. My paratroopers gave the BSAD 170 FORCE an ASS Kickin. We invaded their fort. First, we gave the machine gun towers a surprised drop and we threw out the enemy from the towers and shot them with their own machine guns. Those MOFOs were history. Then we use the machine guns from all the towers and were spraying the whole fort with bullets. Those bitches are gone. WE HAVE NOW TAKEN OVER THE FORT AND THERE ARE NO PRISONERS. ALL BSAD 170 FORCES ARE ELIMINATED..

Our Casualities Update

-25 Men Lost from Econ 102A (Loss Battle)
-5 Men lost from BSAD 170 (Won Battle)
total: 30 Men Lost

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