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Well it’s Good Friday, and

Well it’s Good Friday, and I think it’s a great Friday because I have no school today, but Easter is coming up this Sunday and I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter. Easter is a great day for all the churches all over the world, because it’s one of the few holidays that people actually show up to church (from the words of Kurt Angle…Oh, it’s true!). But enough of my babbling…I just wanted to share with everyone a portion of a song sung by The Ataris because I just thought that the lyrics were interesting and because there hasn’t been anything posted in over a week on the blogger but most importantly, because I am bored.

The Ataris – I won’t spend another night alone

…We’d buy a small house in South Central L.A. I’d rob a quik-e-mart for you The Ataris and you’re guaranteed a reaction; whether it be some nookie, a confused expression, or just a good hardy laugh. HARDY HAR HAR!

By the way, the Easter Bunny is real! Superman told me so!

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