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My oh my. Spring Break

My oh my. Spring Break 2002 is over. I don’t know how long I could write about it so I will write parts by parts and Ted can fill in stuff whenever he feels like it.

Friday and Saturday – So I came home on Friday night and went to Shakas to get some food because I was starving. Then on Saturday I waited for Ted’s ass to get home from SD. It took him forever and when he finally got back we went to see Blade 2. What an awesome movie. Although the only downside is there are too many “cool” parts. You know how in Gone in 60 Seconds, Nicolas Cage has his “low rider” scene where he says “Let’s ride!”. That is a cool scene. Just like Arnold’s “I’ll be back!”. Well in Blade 2 there is just too much of it. I think the funniest part is all the WWF moves that the Vampire Hunter learned.

Sunday – I saw Resident Evil with Ted and Ronald. It was a good movie, but not great by any means. According to Ronald, it is very similar to the game. I have only played it briefly but it does seem really close. The ending set it up for Resident Evil 2: Nemesis. The actress, forgot her name, is really cute in the movie. You get to see some nice parts as well :). Oh yeah in the day I went to play paintball with Ted, Mike and his friends. My Blazer’s ball detent had broken earlier in the week and the autococker one I tried setting up was a bust. I spent a good amount of time chopping balls and trying to fix it. Finally I just took out the Superstocker and played with that. It was fun playing with pump. Saved alot of paint, but the 12 grams are costly. We played in Valencia and it was pretty fun but a big waste of money. I think we paid $18 for the field fee alone and left like at 2 pm, staying there no more than 3 hours. Sucks.

Monday – I don’t remember what I did this day. I know at night we went to Ralph’s to buy some *stuff* to quench our thirst, if you catch my drift.

Tuesday – Bright and early we left for Vegas. Ted said he’d be at my place at 8AM sharp but it was more like 8:30. He and Ryan came over to pick me up and we went to pick up Stanley. Then we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. I didn’t realize they sold breakfast burritos but I guess they do because Ryan got one. Then we were off. Ted drove and we didn’t catch too much traffic. We arrived in Barstow in short time (I was not paying attention). We stopped at In n Out for a bathroom break. Then we switched off driving. I drove the rest of the way to State Line. There we rode on the coolest rollercoaster ever – Buffalo Bill’s ____. Yes I forgot the name of the ride, maybe Ted can remind the readers. Then Ted picked up driving again til we got to Vegas. The next half hour Stanley and I were on our cell phones calling different hotels. You’d be surprised how much the real prices can differ from advertisted rates. Big name casinos had advertised prices of $59-$89 but they turned out to be more than 2 times that. It was very disappointing. Finally we found rooms at the Imperial Palace. It was $52 plus taxes and fees for a total of $60 for a night. What a bargain! After we got our rooms we found out that the room key did not work. What a bummer! Total time waiting for check-in, the elevator, and the locksmith to come = at least 1 hour. We finally got in and unloaded all our stuff. Then we walked across the street to the Forum Shops at Caesars. We all got ice cream and smoothies except Ted. That cheap bastard. We stuck around for a bit so we could watch the show with all the Roman gods. It’s in the center of the mall and they have these statues that move and talk and rotate around the center stage/fountain. There are lasers and lights and smoke. Good stuff. I am too tired right now so either Ted will have to continue with our dinner or I will later on.

Take care!

P.S. Pictures are up for Vegas here!

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