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Spring Break 2002: Friday and

Spring Break 2002:

Friday and Saturday – Took 3 finals on friday. First one started at 8 am. Last one ended at 10 pm. Needless to say that was a horrible horrible day. Only the thought of Spring Break (and my kick ass plans :)) got me through that day. After that I drank and forgot what happened for a while. Then it was Saturday. I slept at 6 am and got up around 12. Then it was Todai time. So little sleep + full stomach = lots of laziness that afternoon. I got home at about 8-9 then it was movie time.

Sunday – Paintball with David and his SB pal Mike. Also with Mike’s rich Noodle World friends. It was the first time I used my paintball gun. Since it was a pump gun everyone there thought I was HARDcore. I emphaize HARD. David decided he wanted to be cool like me so he started playing pump too. “Don’t pick on the little kids” says the guy at the registration table 🙂 I think they were shaking just at the sight of our sexy selves.

Monday – Sat on my ass all day.

Tuesday – Vegas time. Woke up early and we were on our way. We were going down a lonesome road. And there shined a shiney city. And we said, “find the best hotel on the strip or i’ll eat your souls.” Anyway we got to the Imperial Palace cuz it was the cheapest. Ryan really had to go an was counting on using the restroom in our room. He was about to rush in… but the keycard didnt work. We (me, david, stanley) stayed in the hallway while ryan jumped around down the hall. We had thought he got on the elevator to go downstairs but NO. We saw him jump around in pain once again. SO funnny!

to be continued…

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