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Well I found out the

Well I found out the rollercoaster is called Desperado – thanks Stanley. All 27 scans of the Papas and Beer, Rosarito trip are up. Go to the main page to see it. Let’s continue the little adventure.

Tuesday (cont.) – We wanted to kill some time so we went to the Venetian next door and walked around. The setup is very similar to Caesar’s in that it has shops. The cool part was the canal. I took some pictures of that. After that we left and walked across the street to check out Caesar’s buffet. It was $17.95 but Ryan found out there was no lobster. Lobster is served only during the weekends apparently. Fuck that. So we went to Belagio next door. This buffet was about $25 bucks so we figure surely there is lobster. We were not concerned with king crab legs or prime rib because those two items are a dime a dozen in this brightly lit desert. The wait was horrendous. Probably an hour and a half standing. We saw a girl there that looked just like the one from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The freaky part, however, was when she would seemingly appear just around the line. First she was sitting at the slots outside of line. Then you turn around and she was 5 places ahead of you. Man, definitely weird. So we finally get in and we start taking plateful after plateful of Alaskan King Crab legs. It was cool because they sliced it down the middle for you so you just had to use your fork to dig it out. After a few plates, my colleagues informed me that there was butter! The restaurant called it a special name. Something butter. But you know what I called it? Just damned good BUTTA! So I filled up a little bowl with it and had the best crab ever. The idea is you rip out all the crap and then let it sit in the butter. It’s like a perfect marinade. Fat and umm more fat. If you want, you can spice it up a notch with salt and pepper – BAM! After that what you get is some succulent crab meat that melts in your mouth. The butter, oh yes DRAWN BUTTER tis the name, is warm. So you put cold crab meat in it and they reach a nice lukewarm temperature. Ryan saw how great this was so he too went and made himself some butter and crap gumbo. Ryan decided that a drink was in order so he orders a Mai Tai. They carded him and brought him the drink with a bill. He thought it was going to be free but it came out to be like $7! LOL, oh my god, that was hillarious. After that, it left a bitter taste in his mouth and Ryan was not a very happy camper anymore.

Tuesday Night – We came back after dinner all stuffed and satisfied. We then busted out the drinks. We had to figure out an excuse to drink so we played a game where you would drink each time they mentioned a foreign country. This is the perfect drinking game because they really don’t mention it that much but also not that little. Turn it to CNN and you get screwed, like we all did. Shot after shot of Rasberry Smirnoff (their version of the Bicardi fruit Vodkas) and most of us were pretty buzzed. We eventually turned to beer because of the wise old tale college kids recite before each weekend out partying. I say “most of us” because Ted was out after a shot and half a beer. He later downed it with Ryan. Good times. Then Ryan was not nice and drunk and wanted to test his blood alcohol level. What I hadn’t mentioned was downstairs in the casino there is a breathalyzer machine. You pay 50 cents and blow in a straw and it gives you a measurement. So anyways, we were reluctant because, well we were all drunk. But I grabbed my digital camera and we went downstairs. Ryan got 50 cents and gave it a whirl. Well the machine sucks. It took like 10 minutes before it registered his blowing. Too bad the company didn’t have Ted test it before. He always registers Ryan’s blows. Anyways, I think it said legal limit was xxx and Ryan’s was a very small percentage of that. Obviously wrong. People walked by and were laughing because they saw drunk Ryan blowing into the breathalyzer. I must admit, it was pretty funny. The scary part was it was in a portion of the casino off to the side, in an area not heavily trafficked. You can just imagine it is their clever way of catching drunks. Mount one of these machines, put a hidden cam, and whenever it registers a drunk, your guards stroll down and take him away before he can disturb the other guests.

Fingers are tired…to be continued.

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