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Tuesday (cont.) – We a

Tuesday (cont.) – We a nice rest after Caesar’s and decided to use a trashcan to hold our ice and alcohol. We were all quite proud of that and decided to celebrate by going over to the Venetian and swimming in the canal. Unfortunately they only let those boats in the water. Ah well.. who needs their stupid canal. We decided to eat at Caesar’s for some reason, but no lobster there. So we thought of the most expensive and snobby casino within walking distance: Belagio. They must have lobster we thought. Well we thought wrong, but were way to tired of walking to find someplace else. Belagio buffet it was. The line was so long we thought we were waiting for a Disneyland ride. A really good one like naked tea cups or something. But the wait was well worth it. So much food, so little time.

Tuesday Night – Walked back to Imperial Palace after our dinner and got the car. Off to Gameworks we go! Unlimited midnight play was the plan, but for some odd reason they close at 12. Doh.. back to the hotel to drink I guess. But since we were in the area we walked to NY NY. On the way there this really drunk chick gave Ryan a high five and started talking about random stuff to him. It was pretty funny. Anyway we continue walking through NY NY and lo and behold!… Coyote Ugly is not only a movie! It’s an actual club! Everyone wished they were 21 except for Ryan and we headed back to the hotel. So we walk though MGM Grand to get to the car. BUT WAIT!… a line as far as the eye can see! Was this the line for naked teacups??.. No. It was for something even better than that.. Studio 54! So many good clubs in this city of sin. But alas.. need to add 1 to my age to get in. Back to the hotel we go. Now the game was.. watch Conan O’Brien and drink everytime a country was named. Fun times.

to be continued…

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