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Hey guys! Check this out,

Hey guys! Check this out, so my roommate gets an email from his cousin from NY and it’s about Enron. The email states:

A recent call to Enron (510-809-4466) was answered with the following message, as reported in the New York Daily News:

“Thank you for calling Enron. Please listen closely to the
following options as our message has changed.

If you wish to serve a subpoena on a current or former
Enron executive, press 1;

If you are an Enron shareholder, and would like to
learn how to turn your Enron stock certificates into
decorative origami, press 2;

If your Enron 401(k) plan is worthless and you’d like
some tips on how to survive your retirement eating
nothing but mac and cheese, press 3;

If you are an Enron executive and would like to find
out which prison inmate will be making you his
b***h, press 4;

If you would like to invoke your constitutional right
against self-incrimination, press 5;

If you are Dick Cheney, press 6, and thanks for nothing Dick.

“Thank you for calling Enron, the world’s greatest company.”

So all of you who have free weekend minutes on your cell phones should call the number. Hey…it’s free…why not call and have a few laughs at the expense of Enron.

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