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Okay so to go on.

Okay so to go on.

Wednesday – After a night of drunken fun, we get up really early. Yeah like 8AM. I mean, is anyone really up that early? Then we haul ass, pack up and then leave. We make our way to MGM Grand where we park. Then we walk down the street to Gameworks. It opens up at 10AM and from 10-12 you can buy the all you can play pass for like $20 bucks. Man what a bargain. The beauty of it is if you ever get bored with a game, you can just move on. It’s not like it’s going to cost you anymore. So we stood at the door along with all these other familes there and bum rushed the counter when we got in. We played for like an 1:45 and then we realized we were being selfish! Why not share the wealth? So we went around and basically paid each machine so it would go to the player select screen. Basically we gave free games on each machine. It was a riot. So funny. Then Ryan wanted to go rock climbing. He claims that being drunk makes you a better climber. This I had to see. So, we stood in line with him for a few minutes and we realized that it was not moving, nor did it ever. Screw that. Upstairs to M&M World we go! Now, if you don’t know about it, there is a store that is four stories tall called M&M World. All they have in there is M&M related products and of course a wall of M&M ‘s in every color imagineable. Quick sick. A few years ago, Ryan and I both bought ourselves a pound each at $6 a pop. Did we eat those 100’s of M&M’s? Of course not. Anyways, we stood around checking chicks out while Stanley made his way to the front of the line to pay for his candy. Then we drove back. When we go to the State Line, Ted stopped for some gas. Then we went to Barstow where we stopped at Jack in the Box. The girl working there was mundo ghetto. She got people’s orders wrong, delayed etc. In the end it all worked out and we were on our way home again. This time, Ryan drove. He went in the carpool lane and that turned out to be a mistake because it does not let you off til WAY later. Way past Stanley’s house. So we went straight to Ryan’s. Then Ted dropped me off and then Stanley. Man, I was pooped after that so I took a nap.

Thursday – Ted said he was going to get a haircut so the ladies could see his handsome face, rather than his shaggyness. So he said expect around noon. So I waited and sure enough, around noon, he came. We made our way to SD. There was heavy traffic so that gave us time to discuss pressing matters like terrorism at home and abroad, global warming, and of course the endangered tree monkies of Madagascar. When we had just about passed the Block, Ted asked, “Hey, you wanna go to the Block?” Needless to say, we kept on driving. The drive down was uneventful. Eventually we got to SD and we went to this 24 hour Mexican place all the locals love. It’s called Coxitote or something. I don’t remember how to spell it. We both had 5 rolled tacos. Do you know what rolled tacos are? They are taquitos. Why didn’t they just say taquitos? Crazy mexicans, beats me. Then we went back to Ted’s crib. We chill there for a bit and Ted thinks we should leave and go to the border in preparation for Mexico. So first we go to the Splat Factory on Balboa. I have been waiting to go to this paintball store for so long. Well we were in and out in about 5 mins. The place wreaked of ghettoness. There was this bum sitting at the counter that just stared at us as we walked in. Not a single hello or can I help you? I would be surprised if he wasn’t a transient. Their collection was a few barrels, some guns on the wall and that’s about it. Oh yeah, some balls and jersies. If I knew you could open a store with that kind of inventory, I would do it myself. Such a disappointment. Then we made our way to this little town right before the border. I could have sworn I was in Mexico. I never have been but that is exactly how I imagined it to be. We tried looking for a so-called bus that Ted supposedly took last time. Just like his wild girl fantasies, this also did not pan out. Then we drove back. That night Ryan came to SD and we went to BJ’s for some pazookie. Ryan had chilli and he thought it came with some free beer. Turns out that the chilli was made with beer. Oh Lord, what a funny mistake. Oh yeah, we had Artichoke dip. That stuff is so good!

Rosarito adventures next time!…


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