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Hey what the hell is

Hey what the hell is going on? I know none of us are as busy as we make it seem. This is rediculous. Here is my post!

First off more than one person has politely reminded me that we are way behind in our chick battle. Ronald said he got a female “brother” to judge it but it’s been like two weeks. That is just rediculous. It’s actually Edward’s turn but he started asking dumb questions like “why me?” when I told him. I didn’t want to bother arguing. From now one, when it’s your turn, step up. Don’t be a little bitch about it.

Friday – So we wake up and I demand that Ted take me to eat japanese. I love eating japanese…food. At the same time Ted was thinking of the future of EP so he wanted to buy an electric guitar. Doesn’t he already have one? Yup, a nice acoustinc one given to him by Eric Clapton but it was not good enough for Ted. When asked why he wanted another one, he answered “I just want to buy something.” Now there’s the spirit! I love that kind of attitude – and so does YOUR U.S. government! So we went to this Japanese restaurant where they make you pay then seat you. I had cali rolls, salmon rolls, and baked spicey cali rolls. What? Baked sushi you say? Yes indeed! Boy it was so good, some lush japanese food melting in my mouth. I was in heaven. Then I wondered if they served this in those Japanese restaurants where rich businessmen eat sushi off the bodies of naked women. Surely it would cause 2nd degreen burns at least! But I digress. After lunch Ted realizes that Guitar Center is not anywhere near there. So we go pick up his friend Lance. I met Lance our freshmen year when I went to UCSD’s Sun God festival. Or was it the other one? The winter one? Winter Fest? I am not sure. So we pick him up and I get to see yet another kick ass La Jolla apartment. Everything there is kick ass compared to SB. Oh wait, except for the girls. 😛 So we went to Guitar Center and we help Ted pick out a new guitar and amp and stand. But wait David, you don’t know anything about guitars! Yup, I sure don’t but when none of us do, it doesn’t matter. Ted god a plain looking black one. I would have preferred it if he got a purple triangle one but he refused to. I told him a Telletubbie has a purple triangle on his head and it’s cool but he did not budge. Oh well. We get in the car and Ted takes me to Best Buy. I try to get some DVD’s in addition to the K-Pax one I was planning on. Well it was a buy 2 get a third free deal but the store there sucked so bad. They had no stock! Then we left. We went back home and rested for Rosarito! When it got to around dinner time Ryan said he didn’t want to go anymore. Ted was very sad and so was I. He begged Ryan like a ho begs her pimp to give her some crack. Lance decided to go and I think after enough nagging, Ryan caved in. So we go pick up Lance and we go to Rubios to get dinner. Ted goes to the bank. After we get our fish tacos to go we walk to Sav-Ons to get disposable cameras. I actually brought a digital and regular camera but was fearful of bringing it into Mexico so Lance and I got disposables. They were $10. A bit pricey. Then we drove to the border. Parking was on the US side and $7 a car. Not too shabby. My favorite part is their neon signs actually can display $6, $7, $8. Each of us paid $2 and Ted paid $1 since he was so kind as to drive us. So we get out of our cars and walk across the border. It was my first time into a foreign country so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought the border would be all lit up and clean and “airport terminal” like. Instead it was pretty boring and nobody was around except the little Mexican kids who attacked you and asked for money. Luckily I was forewarned by Ryan and Ted so I just kept on walking…

To be continued!


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