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Ok…first of all…I was not

Ok…first of all…I was not aware that we were required to provide a judge when it’s our week to pick a “theme” for the chickbattle. And when I asked David…”why me?”…David should have said…”because it was your turn to pick the theme, and that is the part of the game”…I would have been perfectly fine with that. But since there was no explanation, David will pay for calling me a “little bitch”…just you wait until I return to California. I will open a can of whoop ass on you!!!

It sounds like EP is on its way to the Billboard top 100 in no time, especially with the new addition of an electric guitar by Ted “Santana” Wang. But since everyone else has posted something, I might as well too.

Left for Mrytle Beach, S.C. Arrived at hotel and ordered a pizza. Started to drink and got a bit buzzed before we hit the Freaky Ticky Club. You might be thinking…wow, this sounds like so much fun! Well, it would have been if it wasn’t for the fact that College Spring Break is over, but High School Spring Break has begun. Waiting in line to get in and some little H.S. girl behind us says….”hey guys…look who it is? it’s my prom date! (screams of little girls from behind, much like the ones that come from n’suck and brittany spear “me in the ass” concerts) Thank god for alcohol or that night would have been a total bust. So we get into the club, we drink like there is no tomorrow. Had rum and coke, 2 jello shots, 4 test tube shots of sex on the beach (very weak but very cheap), 3 bud lights, and a screwdriver. I was so out of it! There was this foam party that I remember and the next thing that I remember was being in the ocean. Then it was Saturday.

Felt great. Had no hangover but was in desperate need of h2O. Got breakfast and went to hit up a Par-3 course. Boy oh boy…during the day time, Mrytle Beach is very trashy. I mean, it’s really sketchy and there are a whole bunch of rednecks. We play golf and decide that if this town is gonna look any better, we better start drinking. So at 12 noon, we start to drink a yard of beer. Had about 4 of those. Not sure how many actually beers that is equivalent to, but it was enough to get me to go back into the ocean when it was about 50 degrees outside. Then went back to the room and had 2 more shots of Capt. Morgan Spice Rum and then everything after is a blank. Then I wake up around dinner time…or 9pm. Go to get some food at Tony Romas. We eat and we head outside and it’s freaking freezing. So what are college students suppose to do when cold….DRINK some more! So we head to the Hard Rock Cafe and we order a Hurricane. OMG this drink had so much liquor that i only took 2 of those to knock me out. I mean, this drink might have had more liquor than a Long Island Ice Tea. After those 2 drinks, I don’t remember anything but wake up on Sunday on my bed back in the hotel.

Feel like shit and we head back to Chapel Hill. End of the weekend.

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