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So we really never finished

So we really never finished our Spring Break Story.

Friday: We are in Mexico now and we get bombarded with people offering cab rides. We try to be smart business people and get them to bargain but when you are getting shoved into a cab, it’s kind of hard. So we get into this cab with this other guy and we are off to Rosarito. The cab driver is insane. Insane in the membrane. None of his gauges worked. He had no oil pressure, no gas, no speedometer. He drove like a madman and I was fearing for my life. I prayed that I would get to see just one pair before I died. The Lord spared me and we arrived on the main street. We walked to Papas and Beer which is actually at the end of this big ally full of clubs. We stood in line for a while and finally got in. Then we left. We walked across the street to a bar and had some cervesa. Then this guy with a tequila bottle and a whistle came around and made Lance chug some. Then Ryan went to get another beer and he was the next victim. It was hillarious because Ryan looked like he was choking on the booze.

Finally we went back across the street to the club. The rest of the night was pretty fun. We were all a bit buzzed. We walked around and mostly checked people out. I realize that it sucks going to a club like that without girls. And not any girls mind you. I don’t mean the prude boring ones. I mean the ones that don’t mind having a nice time. Anyways, after a while I guess Lance and his long legs got tired. So we sat down. We ended up sitting down and taking breaks for a while. The highlights of the night was the girls, then there were the girls, and oh yeah the girls. I actually brought a disposable and digital camera but left them in SD for fear of getting it stolen or damaged. So after 27 shots on the disposable camera I was out. I wish I had more shots, instead I had to take mental pictures *CLICK*

Lance and Ryan wanted to leave early – around 2 AM. I wanted to stay longer because although I was depriving the ladies by not getting my freak on, it was still very fun. Anyways we got back in a cab and went back then walked to the US checkpoint. There are armed guards everywhere and they are pretty intimidating. They check your drivers license and ask your citizenship. They asked Ryan where his green card was and he said “What? I don’t have one!” and they said “why not?” and he said “Because I was born in America!” They inquired, “Where?” and he said “Los Angeles!” I guess that satisfied the officer so they let him past. Phew! Walked to Ted’s car and then we drove to this place to eat late night Mexican food. We dropped Lance off and it was sleepy time. 🙂

Sorry the post was not very funny or interesting. I am late for a meeting!

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