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Spring Break: The Last Episode

Spring Break: The Last Episode

Friday night – Viva Mexico! (pronounced meh-he-co) We walk not 10 ft into this great country adn are greeted by a mob of cab drivers! They come from the left.. come from the right. “Where you going?” “I take you to TJ.” “You are so sexy!” We said “Rosarito” and off we went. Our taxi ride reminded me of Crazy Taxi: excessive speed, aggressive driving, and don’t forget that nothing working on the dashboard. It was so fun!

We were in Rosarito in no time. We made our way to Papa’s and Beer, but on our way there, amongst all the debauchary, an Easter parade was going on. There it was: Jesus on a cross while hundreds of college students were partying. That was quite an interesting sight. We went to the club and checked it out, but came back out in search of cheaper alcohol. Like David said, Lance and Ryan had some fun at the bar we found 🙂 Onward!.. back to Papas and Beer.

Lo and behold! Hot girls everywhere.. especially on the go go platorm… yum. They all wanted to flash me to grace their breasts with the sight of my really really…. really rediculous good looks (see Spring Break 2002 Thursday post). Unfortuntely the club soon was packed.. I think cuz everyone heard that we were there. Everyone just wanted to be in our presence. I can’t blame them! But for some reason, the guys greatly outnumbered the girls. That was our cue to depart. Cab ride back, walk across the border, and we were back… back in the freedom loving US of A where one man reigns supreme: George W Bush. I was so proud I sang the Star Spangled Banner… in my head.

This concludes our Spring Break 2002 Adventure… now back to our regularly scheduled Blogger.

Edit: Fixed Ted’s link.

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