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Wow, what a ball-busting week

Wow, what a ball-busting week I’ve had.
Had to turn in a proposal for a project in AI. No biggie, just a proposal.
Tuesday night/Wednesday:
Pulled an all-nighter into Wednesday morning to barely finish a project for my Compiler class. Right after that, I immediately started work and had to pull another all-nighter (yes, that’s right, into Thursday, which was my B-day. WHAT A BITCH!) to finish a project for my other AI class (I have 2 if you didn?t figure that out yet).
Thursday (continued from Wednesday):
Day in the life of a 21 year old. At midnight, I headed over to Albertson?s and got myself some vodka and hard lemonade. Couldn?t drink much cause I had to finish my project. By the time I finished, it was around 9am, took a 2-hour nap, and then started on Algorithms homework. It’s freaking amazing how confusing algorithms can be. It took me hours to finish that damned thing… so after 15 hours into my b-day, I could finally enjoy it. Spent the rest of the day drinking and playing games on my ps2. For dinner, I went to some place in Long Beach cause my parents are too freaking lazy to drive all the way to Irvine. Place was called the Roadhouse Grill I think. Pretty decent grub. Parents bought me my first (or so they thought) legal drink. It was a ‘Hillbilly Punch?. Basically, it was Hawaiian punch with some rum and tequila. If you’re like me and you like punch, it’s pretty good, if not, it?s not all that. Got back home and felt pretty wasted cause I had been drinking all day so I took a nap and woke up a little later to play some more games/drink. I’ve discovered that I’m a sleepy drunk, but after I sleep a bit, I am AWAKE. There’s nothing I can do to get back to sleep. So I was pretty much up till 5am.
How?s that for a week? (Did I mention I have a quiz a little later today?) And it will only get worse…

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