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I just wrote a 5

I just wrote a 5 page paper and I am tired. It wasn’t difficult and I came up with some of the best bullshit in my life but I am tired nonetheless. I need to get some sleep then tomorrow I can write some good shit about my weekend.

You’re welcome on the birthday present Stanley. I was hoping you’d like it. Am I the gift master or what? Anyways, I am kind of excited seeing everyone turn 21 around me. It seems I am the only one left that can’t get booze legally. First thing I am going to do when I turn is buy some wine so I can marinate my steak. Yummy. Marinate my steak to feed to the ho’s at the 21 and over clubs!


“Two Wongs Can Make It White” – Ouch, dumb mistake Abercrombie & Bitch. If anyone can get their hands on one, tell me. I am offended yet I find it amusing. I want to get one to show my children why they should never buy overpriced clothing at A&F! My favorite part is when they sell clothing that is “tattered” or “worn”. That is just another word for “fucked up” What is the discounted price you pay for these jeans, shorts, caps, and tops that have little frayed edges and holes and tears? You pay a PREMIUM! An extra $30 bucks here, $50 bucks there. If you’d like, buy some nice clothes and come over my house and I’ll rip it up for you. Only $15 a piece.

Today I almost got a ticket as I shot past a Highway Patrol car shooting radar on the side of the road. I think he gave chase but gave up. Whew.

I am sick, my nose won’t stop running. This is not going to be a good week to go after the ladies.

Ronald went to Rosarito. I don’t know if our neighbors to the south are ready for his pimpness.

I spoke to Tamara for 10 seconds today. Wow, haven’t heard her voice in ages.

Where is Aiko?

Alicia Keys is in town. Too bad Ed isn’t.

Ted is funny when he’s drunk and on AIM. But not as funny as some others I know 🙂

Anyone want to buy a new Canon S330 digital camera? Let me know.


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