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Thurs: Had to work on

Had to work on a case which I lost (no clue as to why), but I did manage to get my client on probation which allows her to remain in school. Got home at like 12pm and had test the next day.

Was studying till 4 and decided to take a “power” nap (wanted to sleep for only 30 min) and I woke up at 8:45 and my test starts at 9. Woke up and was shitting in my pants and had to wake up my roommate and ask him to take me to class. As I was taking the test, I did not remember the formulas and I was shitting in my pants yet again. Took the test and i was pretty sure that I bombed it. =(

Had to take one of my friends to the airport at 5am…but I do get to keep her car till tuesday. Wooohooo!!! Too bad when she left me the car, there wasn’t much gas in her tank. Oh well, guess i will have to waste a buck fifty to get a gallon. Went back to sleep and had a weird dream which freaked me out, but i forget most of the details. Woke up again and went to play some good o’ golf. Golf is fun in general, but it’s even more enjoyable when you play with your friends and they suck but want to bet money. I made $20…wooohooo!!!!! Came home and fell asleep. My roommate went to this party at like 1am to celebrate 420, but forgot to wake me up. Bastard!!!!

Did HW and went to watch Changing Lanes. Started out very very slow, but it started to pick up gradually. Movie was good, but i kinda wish i had spent 7.50 on the Scorpion King and watch the Rock lay the smack down on the egyptians candy ass!

Got my test back. I was once again shitting in my pants but to my relief, I ended up getting a C…praise the Lord Jesus!!!!!! Now i am bored out of my mind in the library posting on the blogger, wishing that Alicia Keys would come to UNC instead of UCSB. =(

By the way, I was talking to meggie about the A&F t-shirts, and she has 2 of them. She is a lucky lady who will soon will have some money in her hands, if she decides to sell them. I told Vince Wong to sue the company for the “2 Wongs make a white”, but I don’t think he took me seriously. Oh well. A&F suck ass and I hope that people realize that if you get an old pair of khakis and piss on them and wear them to school, they will save $60 and a trip to the crappy A&F store.

As Ronaldo would say: Lettuce! (whatever that means)

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