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I got Russ Ng to

I got Russ Ng to judge this weeks Hot Chick Battle and this is what he had to say:

Cut & Paste

mrEVIL oVo: d00d they all look kinda ugly in these pictures
mrEVIL oVo: maybe it’s the way their posing for the picture
mrEVIL oVo: or the lighting
mrEVIL oVo: but i wouldn’t want to go out with them based on any of these pictues
mrEVIL oVo: like i get them in the mail and it’s instant delete
mrEVIL oVo: or trash
mrEVIL oVo: i’m gonna go with yours i guess
mrEVIL oVo: she’s the least ugly in the pictures
mrEVIL oVo: lets put it that way
mrEVIL oVo: tell them to get better pictures next time

So there you have it, Carly Pope is the winner. Ed wins yet another Hot Chick Battle, if Ted decided not to eliminate Russ’s decision due to Ed winning yet another Battle. =(
So stay tuned for the “real” decision by another judge. If i don’t win, I have been robbed of all that is true and right and someone will PAY!!!!!!!! (Ted Wang) >= l

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