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So much work, so little

So much work, so little time. So far, I’ve done two of my projects and I’ve got 2 more due tomorrow. Bring it on baby.

Apparently, Ted got lazy and decided with David that the judge of our weekly Chick Contests(TM) should be provided by a person who didn’t provide the topic. Since I am new around here parts, those two doubly lazy bastards chose me to select the judge. No problem. I’ll get something up as soon as I get the results.

I got my brand new sound card and 5.1 speakers (5 satalite speakers and a subwoofer) this week. They kick a hell of a lot of ass at 500 Watts. I can make the shelves in the next room shake if I turn up the base. That kicks ass. I’ve moved stuff in my room around so that I will be able to get my speakers up along the corners of my room for some nice surround sound. Hopefully, I’ll get some gaming action going tomorrow.

Till then, I’m out.

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