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Tough day today, worked on

Tough day today, worked on school stuff till almost 6. How tiring.
Two good things happened today, I got a package in the mail today. Guess what it was? An official Spiderman movie poster from Catherine! A little something extra for my b-day, isn’t that cool?
The other good thing that happened today was dinner. I was debating whether I wanted to go out and get some KFC or go the the grocery store to buy ingredients so I could make stuff myself. Well, David was going to the grocery store and challenged me to a cookoff ala Iron Chef. I’m not one to back away from a challenge so I hauled ass to Ralphs. Everything turned out great. After everything was done, we had Chairman Ted to judge our meals. This time, Iron Chef American (that’s me) was victorious. Till we next battle again Iron Chef Italian, good eats!

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