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So last week, I borrowed

So last week, I borrowed my roommate’s car and everything was all good. Except that he left me a spare set of keys with no alarm. But he forgot to mention that he had set the alarm on the car. So i open the door and the alarm goes off (keep in mind that it’s 2am) and i am freaking out. So i turn on the interior lights in hopes to find the handle that would open up the hood of the car (I was trying to cut the wires to his alarm system) but I couldn’t find the handle so I started to panic and so i left the car thinking that I could go back into my apt and call his cell phone. So I am almost at the door into my apt when all of a sudden the alarm goes off. So im thinking everything is all good and I can drive off now. So i go back down and open the door again and the alarm goes on again. So i’m like SHIT!!!!!! And im thinking im going to call him and sure enough, the alarm goes off once i get into my apt. So now im a bit paranoid about touching the car. So i decide to call his cell phone and tell him to get his ass back to the complex and shut the alarm off for good. So he does come by in like 10min, but i forgot to turn off the interior lights and the battery goes dead. The next day I’m screwed cause i just killed his battery and he’s pissed. But he eventually forgave me, but it really wasn’t my fault since he’s the idiot that forgot to tell me that he had set the alarm. But to bring this story up to speed, he is going to some party tonight and he wants me to be DD for messing up his battery. So i guess im DD and not going to study for finals till tomorrow. I’m so screwed. How in the hell do i get myself into these predicaments?!?!?! Tell me why?!?!?!

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