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Cut and Paste of the

Cut and Paste of the Day

PuffTedD: and at the same time i am thinking of how to brush my teeth
FizzleMan: gargle scope only
PuffTedD: cuz i was just rinsing out the nasty morning mouth feeling
FizzleMan: esp after a night of suckin cock
PuffTedD: ok so face is clean
PuffTedD: yes especially after that


PuffTedD: so while im rinsing my mouth.. im putting on my contacts
PuffTedD: and after contacts are on.. i spit out the mouth wash
FizzleMan: ok
FizzleMan: wait
FizzleMan: how can you do both at the same time?
FizzleMan: you are so talented
PuffTedD: its like doing 2 hos at the same time

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