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Phone Conversation of the Day

Phone Conversation of the Day

David: Hey Aiko, what’s your number?
Aiko: The Berkeley one? It’s xxx-xxx-xxx.
David: Are you there right now?
Aiko: Yup!

(ring ring ring)
Aiko: Hello
David: Hello, may I speak to Aiko
Aiko: This is she.
David: Hi!
Aiko: Uhh hi..uhh?
David: Do you know who this is?
Aiko: Uhhh no?
David: It’s me, David!
Aiko: HUH? David? Uhhh (increasingly nervous voice)
David: (okay she has no clue who I am. I should start playing games now). It’s me David. We met in the library last week!
Aiko: (thinking WTF?) Uhh I don’t remember
[IM’s Aiko saying hi]
Aiko: OH!! David! It’s you!
David: (umm yeah, that’s what I said =) )

Next week I am going to phone another girl who doesn’t know who I am. Any girls want to send me their number?

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