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The Funny/Sad story of the

The Funny/Sad story of the day:

So like last week or something, there was this Frat (forget what is called and really…who cares?), and they had this party and they had this pig (this is North Carolina, it’s pretty easy to find a pig). So they have this pig and they it to drink lots and lots of beer. Once they get the pig drunk, they decide to have some fun with it. So they decide to mess with the drunken pig. They take the pig out into the woods and they decide they want to torture the poor animal by burning off its tail and just torturing the poor animal to the point where they left the pig in the woods for dead. However, somehow they got caught. Big fines for this frat…boohooohooo. Not sure how they got caught, but they did. So they find the pig and take it to a shelter to treat it and after that the pig is sent to an animal shelter. Now, there has been heavy advertising for people to come and adopt this poor animal. And yesterday, the radio station 92.3 (a rock station in greensboro, NC) actually adopted the pig. You may be thinking that this radio station must really care about this poor animal, but keep in mind, this is a ROCK station in NORTH CAROLINA (this ain’t no Kiss FM). And today, the poor animal is no more. Apparently, they slaughtered the pig and it’s all chopped up in their freezer and now they are advertising to come down to their radio station and enjoy the BBQ! Here’s an actual ad from the radio station:

“We’ve rescued the infamous “Sig Pig” that was abused and left to fend for itself in Tanglewood Park. You’re invited to join us Friday Morning, May 3rd for a big pig pickin’ at the Rock 92 studios.”

So let’s salute this poor animal that never really had a chance to make it in the real world by giving him a fair well OINK!
OINK! OINK! OINK! So long Sig the Pig.

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