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Out of the blue, my

Out of the blue, my prof decides to make the midterm based solely on the textbook. So i am like “crap i gotta buy a book now.” (Class is based solely on his notes.) So last night i check online and sure enough they are listed as “available” at the bookstore. I show up there today and see a sad empty shell of a shelf. I ask the girl at the desk.. “im sorry we returned those books back to the publisher”. What?? 10 day reorder time. Test in 2 days. Time for Plan B.. so i go to the hippie socialistic bookstore across campus that carries selected textbooks at low prices. Why low prices?.. to destroy the evils of capitalism. WORD. Unfortunately those flower children only seem to take poli sci and philosophy classes. No econ books there. So now i have to find someone with the book so i can photocopy the chapters on the midterm.. like a cheap whore. goodbye

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