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Cut & Paste Bannannamann: i

Cut & Paste

Bannannamann: i can’t even bleed enough for a blood sample, let alone a
blood trasfusion
Bannannamann: i tried signing up today for one, and they tried to take a
blood sample
Bannannamann: and one arm wouldn’t bleed, so they tried the other arm
Bannannamann: and that one didn’t bleed either
PuffTedD: lol
Bannannamann: and then i got dizzy and collapsed
PuffTedD: how could you collapse if you didnt bleed?
Bannannamann: they said that has never happened before.
Bannannamann: exactly
Bannannamann: if they took blood, then yes, it makes sense i’d collapse
Bannannamann: that’s why they were so confused. i’m confused
PuffTedD: why is ryan trying to give blood in the first place?
Bannannamann: now my arms hurt, and i didn’t accomplish anything
PuffTedD: i thought you hated humanity
Bannannamann: because this cute girl coerced me
Bannannamann: i hate humanity, but i like sex
PuffTedD: 🙂

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