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Cut & Paste Battle Entry

Cut & Paste Battle Entry
Everything has to be a battle so here is my entry! Oh yeah, we need to start the new Hot Chick Contest.

FizzleMan: i was just going to say
FizzleMan: with both our roommates gone
GrrL506: we could have he place to ourselves
GrrL506: heheheh!
FizzleMan: if you wanna mess around
GrrL506: ooh baby’
FizzleMan: yes, hey nobody has to know
FizzleMan: i think deep down you find my abstinence sexy
FizzleMan: like eve and her forbidden fruit
FizzleMan: and yes i said abstinence cuz i CHOOSE it
GrrL506: LOL!
GrrL506: YES YES!
FizzleMan: good you keep practicing your screams for when we do it
GrrL506: when no one is home i sit in the bathroom and practice cos the acoustics are so good
FizzleMan: ROTFLMAO!!
FizzleMan: omg that’s the funniest shit i heard all day

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