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I’m kinda bored right now

I’m kinda bored right now and I was wondering what I could do. Well, I’ve decided to teach you guys how to make drinks. I’ll make this a weekly thing (or something like that).

I’ll start off nice and simple. Today’s drink shall be the screwdriver. Gets you your daily vitamin C and is nice whenever. Here’s the lowdown:
1 slice of orange (optional in my opinion)
orange juice (how much depends on how strong you want the drink.)
1.5 ounce vodka (equivalent to a shot)

Mix the OJ with the vodka. You can mix it in whatever. A shaker if you’re a pro (if you do, fill the shaker with ice first). Pour into a rocks glass (small glass that you see people use for whiskey and other potent stuff). Garnish with orange slice.

See, simple. I really like this to accompany a meal or just to have in my hand while I’m watching tv. Cause there’s so few ingredients, it’s a nice thing to have when you don’t want to bust out the serious bartender skills.

I’ll have something more complicated next time. Maybe a pacific blue.

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