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Well, spring semester is no

Well, spring semester is no more and I am back at home where I can’t seem to find a damn thing to do. My parents cut off the cable because apparently no one watched TV while I was gone and my parents figured it was a needless expense. I can’t drive cause I don’t want my parents to waste payment on auto insurance when I’m only going to be in town for a few months, and plus I can’t afford to pay for gas. Therefore, I have been farting around trying to sleep and/or trying to find a job. I don’t know how Ted found a job so fast, but jobtrak has not been kind to me. Oh well. So decided to write on the blogger and tell you about my last day of school at UNC which was quite a ways back.

Last day of school was like nothing i have ever experienced. People literally wake up at like 10 in the morning to start drinking until the next day. It’s insane. However, my liver can’t handle that much alcohol, so I had to wait till nightfall to start drinking, plus i had a review session that I had to go to before i could get buck wild. So after I’m done with the review session, it’s like 8pm. I go over to my friends dorm and she has a bunch of liquor, but no food. I was starving, but i decided to start drinking anyways. Bad idea! I took in like 3 shots of absolut, 3 beers, and i think 2 more cups of rum and coke and I was beyond gone. I mean, I could not see straight. And so after we started to drink, we headed over to Frat Court and started to Frat hop. It was insane. Some of these frats got some pretty cool bands to come and play for their parties (Ben Fold, Weekend Excursion). I think aside from Halloween, the last day of school is one of the wildest day in Chapel Hill. So we started to Frat hop until we got to the infamous Moat Party. This frat sets ups a man made moat in front of their house and it’s about 3 feet deep and everyone who’s drunk and stupid jumps into the moat. Well, I was drunk and I was acting pretty stupid, so it didn’t take too much convincing to get me into the moat. Oh man, i had a blast (i think): I can’t really remember much, but im guessing I had a pretty good time in the moat. Everything after that is a blur. But somehow i woke up at my friends apartment and I had lost my keys and wallet. Uh Oh! But my friend told me that my roommate had ditched me to go hook up with some freshman. Lucky bastard! So when i meet up with my friends they tell me that I had gone into the nasty ass watered moat and apparently i was in there for quite some time (swimming around or something). So i said oh well, I had a good time. Boy, was I wrong. Two days later, I was dying. Apparently i had caught something from the nasty ass water and I had a 102 degree fever. I was coughing so violantely that my gag reflex started to kick in and I felt like i was going to hurl (Now if David and Ted are reading this, I know what you are thinking when I talk about gag reflex, but all i have to say is NO FU!!!). But I was miserable for 5 days and still had to study for my finals and somehow I survived both. That was how i spent my last day of school. Now i will try to find something else do now. Peace out!

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