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I couldn’t find a f*#@ing

I couldn’t find a f*#@ing job for 2 weeks since i got back to CA. Now i have 2. One i actually get paid for and the other, im being trained in. I get paid a decent amount for the work I do, but i would sacrifice my wage if it meant that I would actually be learning something useful. But that’s not the case. I sit in front of a F*&^ing computer for 6 hours with no internet connection! I sit there and call dentist offices and confirm their DAMN address!!!!!!!!!!! This is a job that Coco the monkey can do. A freaking MONKEY!!!!!!! Good lord…what a boring meaningless job that I have obtained. *sigh* But for my other job, I am training to be a “financial analyst”. Now, any other company that would give me this opportunity, I would be more then happy to sacrifice a few hours of my summer, but this company is very new, and it doesn’t have the same credibility as a well known brokerage firm, and i must admit, i don’t have much confidence in this firm. However, I have nothing better to do, and I actually learn stuff in training, so I must suck in my pride and take a chance. But other than that, my summer blows! Peace out!

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