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Cut & Paste FizzleMan: (play

Cut & Paste

FizzleMan: (play pimp music now)
PuffTedD: lol
FizzleMan: d = david, g = girl
FizzleMan: d: hey, what’s that tatoo of?
FizzleMan: (points to her arm)
FizzleMan: g: oh, (giggles sexily), it’s not real. it’s a little football guy! everyone asks me about him
FizzleMan: d: oh hehe (wink)
FizzleMan: g: do you have a tatoo?
FizzleMan: d: no
FizzleMan: g: yeah i have been thinking about getting one…
FizzleMan: d: really? (licks lips)
PuffTedD: LOL
FizzleMan: g: yeah, you know they say you should get the design you want on toilet paper for 6mos. and if by the end you can stand to see it, then it’s okay for your tatoo
FizzleMan: d: really? hehhe (loosening up shirt). Yeah tatoos are definitely something you dont want to make a mistake on
FizzleMan: g: yeah no kidding. Are you thinking about getting one?
FizzleMan: d: (check to see if hair is still spiked nicely), yeah aren’t we all?
FizzleMan: g: yup
FizzleMan: d: (nothing to say, wishes he had a tatoo)

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