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So tonight I went to

So tonight I went to a fine dining establishment for dinner. Steakhouse? No. Seafood resturant on the ocean front? No. Chuck E Cheese? Yes. We all had coupons for 100 free tokens with the purchase of a large pizza. So we get there and the entrance is blocked off.. just like a club. Then the high school employees card us to make sure we are over 18, even it is obvious that we were older than they were (no minors w/o parent or guardian). We sit in the room with the robots that play cheesy music and we eat our gourmet food. With that out of the way, we were ready to rock. Those little kids trembled as we towered over them and played the games. We destroyed the place.. 700+ tickets with all the free tokens we had. That was enough to buy a vinyl mallet. We then proceeded to bash ourselves over our heads with it.

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