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Stan the Man has returned!

Stan the Man has returned! All bow down before his uberness! Tremble you poor fools for the embodyment of machismo is now back and prowling the web again! Anyways, Stan the Man has had a lot to drink tonight so we’ll make this short. Where has his royal machoness been you ask? Why traveling the world, pimping da hoes in the lands of Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan! After two weeks of jetting around the world, I finally returned on Thursday. I’ll give a full account of my worldly activities next post cause I’m gonna go to sleep right now. I just wanted to say hello to all my fans and give a few hints towards my posting future. Everyone can let out a sigh of relief, the Drink of the Week is gonna make a comeback soon. The future looks bright now that I’m back. These other slackers can’t even compare. Cya.

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